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Digital Commissions


  1. Please be descriptive of what you want in your commission. Any reference images are more than welcome.

  2. When you order a commission I will send you a rough sketch to ensure you're satisfied BEFORE payment. This helps me keep my records organized with what I have or don't have on my To do list.

  3. After the initial sketch I don't proceed until payment is received. If you like the work, you can pay and I'll finish. If you don't, please let me know and I won't continue.

  4. I will ONLY be accepting commission orders through this website or through the emails given on my contact page

  5. Do not hesitate to message/email me about the commission progress (within reason of course). I have a very hectic schedule with my final college semester. 

What I WON'T draw for commissions:

  • Porn. 

  • comics (too time consuming)

  • Loli (particularly flirty or erotic scenarios)

  • Anything anti-LGBTQ+ related

  • Political pieces

What I WILL draw for commissions:

  • Pinups

  • Fursonas

  • Horror/Gory Scenes (depending on what is is)

  • Original character (reference or not. Just be sure to provide a clear description)

  • Almost anything that isn't part of the "Won't draw" list.




Depending on complexity and details.


Flat Color:

Waist up: $40

Full Body: $50



Flat Color: $20

Full Color: $30




Depending on complexity and details.

tiefling commission.png

Full Color:

Waist up: $55

Full Body: $60


Profile Icons:


my stream layout.png

Stream overlays:


Rod Commission.png

Reference sheets


(Price may vary based on complexity)

+$40 for every additional outfit

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