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Corpse Child

[Content Warning]:

This story does contain some mild gore and occasional dark themes (death, murder, etc...)

While it is not the main focus of the story it does contain elements of it.


On a quiet night in 1849 a young woman was found dead in the alleyways of Richmond, Virginia. Nothing was known about

this woman. There was no name, no records, not even an inkling of where she came from... just the gruesome remains of a woman who's life was taken from her. However, despite her circumstance she somehow left behind a son, Aaron. With a rather unfortunate start on life Aaron would be raised in the local orphanage while his mother would be buried in the community graveyard under a marker that reads, "Here lies an unfortunate mother, gone before her time." Growing up Aaron visited this grave often with his only knowledge her being her marker, and a post mortem photograph. He vows to one day find out her name to finally put on her gravestone. At the age of 18 he packs up what little he has, gathers up all his savings and sets out to find who she was while befriending some strange people along the way, pushing his limits, and learning how to survive in the unforgiving wilderness... all for a simple name.

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