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Ash revamp.png

Ash Clemm

Race: Aarakocra

Class: Phantom rogue/Grave Cleric

Campaign: Champions Challenge


Ash lived in a secluded village of Raven Aarakocras in a wooded area of the mountains. The village belief was that death was not the end, but rather a new hidden chapter for the departed to discover, a celebration and respect of the life they led. They also believed that the ravens were thought of as the beings to help guide their wandering souls, so talking to departed spirits was not seen as a strange occurrence in the village. This made them vulnerable prey to the mindflayers and their myriad of illusions. Ash then began to notice everyone around her change... over time they seemed to slowly devolve into insanity, and unfamiliar forms. Ash began to relentlessly study Undercommon in order to learn more about what was happening to her family and friends, and to save what little friends she had left. Realizing that she's too late to save any of them... she left. She then decided to hone her skills and abilities to keep anyone else from suffering a similar fate. (She enrolls in the academy and is admitted through the entrance exam).

Ash Clemm.png

Initial design

Ash ballgown revamp.png

Ash's Ballgown

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