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Ruvick Aberdien

Race: Moon Elf

Class: Rogue (Pirate)

Campaign: N/A


Ruvik Aberdien comes from a long lineage of highly respected royal moon elves. As prince, he was next in line to inherit the throne from his father. However there was still much he needed to learn as a young, rebellious elf. He preferred to not "waste his time" on the ancient history of his family and, in his words, "rot away in the palace for the rest of his life". He wanted nothing more than to explore the seas, discover and fight any monster he could come across, or lead his own army into glorious battle. He simply wasn't interested in just maintaining the politics and "kissing the brass" of the upperclassmen. One day he found an opportunity to shadow their military general on one of his missions to prevent raiders from overtaking an allied city on a neighboring island. He begs with his father to let him go with the general, conjuring up every reason under the sun. Yet his father forbade him from leaving the kingdom for such reckless acts. Ruvik had no other choice.... he stuffed his satin ass in a barrel and stowed on the ship. Needless to say General Conall was... a wee bit peeved. Unfortunately they had no time to go back and return him so they continued to the unfortunate city. As they approached a fierce storm began to brew, and in the distance they saw the raiders's tattered ship. They started advancing their attack on the ship, however a mysterious fog began to settle on the General's ship. It was so dense you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you. Just then one of the raiders leapt out and attacked Ruvick. He swiftly pulled out his rapier and put an end to the fiend... or so he thought. When the fog cleared her looked down only to find himself covered in blood... and the general lying in a lifeless mass in front of him. Upon his return home, Ruvick was exiled from the kingdom and disowned by the royal family. He has wandered the land and seas aimlessly ever since.

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