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Race: Sea Elf

Class: Cleric

Campaign: N/A


She was constantly told throughout her youth by her family and her mentor about the prejudices and failings of the surface world. Constantly told of the liars, the thieves... the heartless. She would constantly try to investigate life on the surface in secret until she became of age. One day her mentor, who she loved and trusted dearly like a father, betrayed her and her family, by killing her parents and selling all their prized family heirlooms for a luxurious profit. He then convinced the citizens of her village that she was responsible for the death of her parents. She never saw her own kind the same way again. Having nothing left to go home to, she decided to finally overcome her apprehension of the surface world, learn about it for what it truly is, and possibly find a new home where she can belong once again.

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