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Race: Changeling

Class: Ranger

Campaign: A Dip into Chaos


She lived as a slave since the moment of her birth. Her biological father was her slave owner. Growing up she lived with this hideous fact, under the glaring eyes of her "father". The man who looked on her as nothing more than a product. She despised this look for as long as she could remember. At a very young age, her mother was sold to another slave owner, never to be seen again. Stuck in the endless days under the hot sun in the field, her only moments of joy were whenever she found a feather fallen among the stalks. She would collect these as her symbol of hope... to one day be free. Whenever she disobeyed orders, the slave keepers would wrap a rope around her neck and tighten it as punishment. She was branded with the number 56 on her left shoulder. Every time she attempted to run away, she was caught and was punished with several lashings to her back. They beat her to the point where the would wear out, so they would have to "refresh" it. One night when she was 12 years old, her "father" brings her into a shed, away from the others. He tries to advance on her, but she fights him off and pushes him into a brick mantle knocking him unconscious. She runs back to her hut, choking back tears.... She's had...enough! She takes her tiny box with her feather collection, and sneaks out into the field in the dead of night. She rubs some kindling together until a spark sets on the feathers. In an instant the crops were set ablaze and in the chaos the slaves were able to scatter into the nearby forests. She eventually found Ronnin and they've been together ever since. On occasion she flinches in her sleep due to the trauma and Ronnin holds her in his sleep as a result.

Ronin's vision.png

Lea finds the Oathkeeper
(The blade of the tiefling god, Tiamala)

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